Miss Anna Rusbatch

Miss Anna Rusbatch

In 2019 I was the recipient of the Francesca Hanley Inspiration Award at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.

Director of Primary Music

About this Speaker

I have been a primary school music specialist for 14 years, domestically and internationally. I was excited by the opportunity to join the GSAL team, to be able to work alongside a passionate and dedicated team of forward-thinking colleagues. The children are motivated, confident, resilient and bursting with potential. The facilities and resources available at GSAL are outstanding.

I am passionate about creating fun and challenging learning and performance opportunities for all children. I hope to establish a high profile for primary school music, both within the school and also throughout the wider community. I aim to create a strong foundation of enthusiasm and inspiration, upon which we can develop skills, knowledge, understanding and lifelong memories.

As a young person, I was incredibly passionate about sport. I trained hard and competed often. I feel that my ambition, high expectations and experience of taking risks and managing failure have translated across to the performing arts. This has contributed to my experiences and abilities as an educator, composer and performer.